If you came here looking for a great deal on an upper assembly, or parts related to the AR 15 or AR 10, Make Sure You Keep Reading

 Hi my name is Madison, and I'm the developer of this website.

I was also the lead builder of the AR 15 and AR 10 rifles and pistols as well as the upper assemblies, for Texas Gun Builders for several years, and then for the company that took over and ran the website at TexasGunBuilders.com, under the name TGB Online, until August 2018.

I have over 40 years experience with the AR-15 and eventually also the AR-10.  I became an Army Armorer in 1981 after basic training.

I’m giving you my background because a few months ago the guy running TGB Online started screwing me around, and being the website builder as well as the gun builder I decided to break away, LOWER THE PRICES, and with the help of my son, run things ourselves.

Because the website for Texas Gun Builders had such a good reputation with Google I decided to leave it online but no purchases are possible there.

My son and I have built a new firearms community called First Texas Tactical. The resource and information part of the website is growing daily right here.

In the meantime, whether you just found this website, or are a past customer you can find everything you're looking for in the store. You can click on Store on the menu or go directly to https://shop.firsttexastactical.com/

And the prices will be considerably lower


We don't currently sell lower assemblies but we're close to starting a partnership with a local dealer to help anyone looking for a complete lower.

You can call us at 844.220.2267 if you have any questions.

We're glad you got here, and if you didn't buy anything that Patrick or I built in the past make sure you check out our new site you'll love the prices.


And if you're a past customer and know my work, thanks for considering us going forward